Insurance Application Processor, NYAIP Rater and More

"The simplest way to fill out a commercial application."

Imagine, processing an app, emailing it for an e-signature and collecting a deposit all in one transaction!

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Included Features Designed by Brokers

  • Commercial Allinone -Prompts you to collect all your client's data, coverages, affidavits and dumps it all on the acords. Restaurants, Products Liability, Contractors and more supplementals are included too.
  • Commercial Applications -Your apps are stored on secured and encrypted Amazon web servers.
  • USD GoSign – Integrated E-signature program. Send clients Acords or any pdf to sign and quickly return.
  • USD GoPay -Integrated ACH and Credit Card processing. Fast and secure way to instantly collect payments from your clients.
  • Business Search - Enter a company name to see if its registered and the date it was incorporated.
  • Camera Violations -Enter a client’s plate number and receive all camera violations in the five boros.
  • TLC Search –Enter a TLC license number to instantly obtain data from all TLC agencies.
  • Address Verification -Checks your client's address for verification with the USPS
  • NYAIP Rater -Quote commercial auto, public auto, transporter, garage, and hired non owned auto. You may enter multiple territories as needed and the rater will show the rates for all at once.
  • Vin Decoder –Enter a vin number to obtain the vehicle’s year, make, model, and much more information about the vehicle.
  • MVR Searches -Obtain your insured’s instant driving records with our integrated MVR service.
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